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  1. Mana Hawaiʻi: An Examination of Political Uses of the Word Mana in Hawaiian (PDF, 650KB) – Noenoe K. Silva doi
  2. The Mana of Kū: Indigenous Nationhood, Masculinity and Authority in Hawai‘i (PDF, 190KB) – Ty P. Kāwika Tengan doi
  3. Bodies Permeable and Divine: Tapu, Mana and the Embodiment of Hegemony in Pre‑Christian Tonga (PDF, 291KB) – Andy Mills doi
  4. Niu Mana, Sport, Media and the Australian Diaspora (PDF, 208KB) – Katerina Martina Teaiwa doi
  5. Mana, Power and ‘Pawa’ in the Pacific and Beyond (PDF, 893KB) – Alan Rumsey doi
  6. Mana on the Move: Why Empirical Anchorage Trumps Philosophical Drift (PDF, 211KB) – Thorgeir Kolshus doi
  7. ‘Press the Button, Mama!’ Mana and Christianity on Makira, Solomon Islands (PDF, 625KB) – Aram Oroi doi
  8. The State of Mana, the Mana of the State (PDF, 1.2MB) – Alexander Mawyer doi
  9. Theologies of Mana and Sau in Fiji (PDF, 208KB) – Matt Tomlinson and Sekove Bigitibau doi
  10. Claiming Pule, Manifesting Mana: Ordinary Ethics and Pentecostal Self-making in Samoa (PDF, 601KB) – Jessica Hardin doi
  11. Mana for a New Age (PDF, 211KB) – Rachel Morgain doi
  12. How Mana Left the Pacific and Became a Video Game Mechanic (PDF, 245KB) – Alex Golub and Jon Peterson doi