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Editors’ Introduction (PDF, 103KB)


Paul Genoni and Gaby Haddow ERA and the Ranking of Australian Humanities Journals View (PDF, 166KB)
Peter Otto Romanticism, Modernity, and Virtual Reality: An Overview and Reconceptualisation of the Field View (PDF, 128KB)
Special Section: Naturecultures
Emily Potter and Gay Hawkins Naturecultures: Introduction View (PDF, 105KB)
Gay Hawkins More-than-Human Politics: The Case of Plastic Bags View (PDF, 131KB)
Michael Dieter Processes, Issues, AIR: Toward Reticular Politics View (PDF, 130KB)
Emily Potter Climate Change and the Problem of Representation View (PDF, 125KB)
Zoë Sofoulis Social Construction for the Twenty-first Century: A Co-Evolutionary
View (PDF, 147KB)

The Ecological Humanities

Deborah Bird Rose Introduction View (PDF, 82KB)
Thom van Dooren Genetic Conservation in a Climate of Loss: Thinking with Val Plumwood View (PDF, 124KB)
Val Plumwood Nature in the Active Voice View (PDF, 141KB)
Kate Rigby Dancing With Disaster View (PDF, 134KB)
Gerda Roelvink and J.K. Gibson-Graham A Postcapitalist Politics of Dwelling: Ecological Humanities and Community Economies in Conversation View (PDF, 149KB)

Book Reviews

Simon Robb The Summer Exercises by Ross Gibson View (PDF, 119KB)
Robert Kenny Disciplining the Savages, Savaging the Disciplines: Exploring Inscriptions of Islanders in Western Systems of Thought by Martin Nakata View (PDF, 127KB)
Samantha Faulkner Landscapes of Indigenous Performance: Music, Song and Dance of the Torres Strait and Arnhem Land edited by Fiona Magowan and Karl Neuenfeldt View (PDF, 120KB)
George Main Making Sense of Place: Exploring Concepts and Expressions of Place through Different Senses and Lenses edited by Frank Vanclay, Matthew Higgins and Adam Blackshaw View (PDF, 120KB)
Emily O’Gorman Fresh Water: New Perspectives on Water in Australia edited by Emily Potter, Alison Mackinnon, Stephen McKenzie and Jennifer McKay View (PDF, 123KB)
Ed Wright Stunned Mullets and Two-pot Screamers: A Dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms by G.A. Wilkes View (PDF, 120KB)