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Editors’ Introduction (PDF, 86KB)


Meaghan Morris Grizzling about Facebook View (PDF, 164KB)
Ken Gelder English, Autonomy, and the Republic of Letters View (PDF, 138KB)
Keri Glastonbury and Rosalind Smith Introduction: The Art of the Real View (PDF, 89KB)
Ross Gibson Extractive Realism View (PDF, 468KB)
Cameron Muir The Opera House of the West View (PDF, 121KB)
Patricia Pender The Perfect Electrometer: Dorothy Wordsworth’s Lover’s
View (PDF, 147KB)

The Ecological Humanities

Deborah Rose Introduction: Writing in the Anthropocene View (PDF, 83KB)
Laurel Peacock Animots and the Alphabête in the Poetry of Francis Ponge View (PDF, 120KB)
Michelle Bastian Inventing Nature: Re-writing Time and Agency in a More-than-Human World View (PDF, 148KB)
John C. Ryan ‘Plants That Perform For You’? From Aesthetics to Floraesthesis in the Southwest of Western Australia View (PDF, 361KB)
Madronna Holden Re-storying the World: Reviving the Language of Life View (PDF, 145KB)
Lorraine Shannon Touching Narratives View (PDF, 128KB)
Kate Rigby Writing in the Anthropocene: Idle Chatter or Ecoprophetic Witness? View (PDF, 138KB)

Book Reviews

Nathan Hollier Russel Ward: Reflections on a Legend, a special issue of Journal of Australian Colonial History 10.2 (2008) edited by Frank Bongiorno and David Andrew Roberts View (PDF, 113KB)
Deborah Madsen Chinese in Australian Literature, 1888-1988 by Ouyang Yu View (PDF, 109KB)
Christine McPaul Forgetting Aborigines by Chris Healy View (PDF, 113KB)
Chris Healy The Lamb Enters the Dreaming: Nathanael Pepper and the Ruptured World by Robert Kenny View (PDF, 108KB)