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Editors’ Introduction (PDF, 86KB)


Melinda Hinkson Seeing More than Black and White: Picturing Aboriginality at Australia’s National Portrait Gallery View (PDF, 569KB)
John Tomaney and Margaret Somerville Climate Change and Regional Identity in the Latrobe Valley, Victoria View (PDF, 217KB)
Jacinta van den Berg ‘Truth is not the seduction’: Brian Castro’s Autobiographical Space View (PDF, 225KB)

The Ecological Humanities

Peter Burdon The Rights of Nature: Reconsidered View (PDF, 250KB)
Lesley Instone Encountering Native Grasslands: Matters of Concern in an Urban Park View (PDF, 4.5MB)
Jodi Frawley Detouring to Grafton: The Sydney Botanic Gardens and the Making of an Australian Urban Aesthetic View (PDF, 241KB)

Book Reviews

Michael Buhagiar Nick Enright: An Actor’s Playwright, edited by Anne Pender and Susan Lever. View (PDF, 115KB)
Bradley Wells Men at Play: Masculinities in Australian Theatre since the 1950s, by Jonathan Bollen, Adrian Kiernander and Bruce Parr View (PDF, 116KB)
Bradley Wells Turning Points in Australian History, edited by Martin Crotty and David Andrew Roberts View (PDF, 116KB)
Jo Chipperfield Australia through Women’s Eyes, by Ann Standish and An Everyday Transience, edited by William Goldswain and William Taylor View (PDF, 139KB)
Greg Lehman Friendly Mission: The Tasmanian Journals and Papers of George Augustus Robinson, edited by N.J.B. Plomley and Reading Robinson:
Companion Essays to Friendly Mission, edited by Anna Johnston and Mitchell Rolls
View (PDF, 147KB)