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Reflections on the ANZSOG series from its contributors

Date posted: 23 June 2021

The final book in the ANZSOG series published this month, so we asked some of the editors and contributors across its long history to contribute some of their thoughts on its impact over the years.... more

Book Launch – Learning Policy, Doing Policy

Date posted: 23 June 2021

On 16 June, Professor Ariadne Vromen chaired a breakfast launch of the new ANU Press ANZSOG series publication Learning Policy, Doing Policy. This is the latest in what is a long series of... more

Achieving reconciliation and reconnection through a re-remembering of our past

Date posted: 25 May 2021

It is some 250 years since the Endeavour limped into what is now known as Cooktown, in North Queensland. There, Cook has been remembered conflictingly as the town’s founder and as the instigator of... more

Top education titles

Date posted: 10 February 2021

ANU Press specialises in publications from Asia and Pacific Studies, Indigenous Studies, Social Sciences and Public Policy. Highlighting the diversity of ANU Press’s collection, we recommend the... more

ANU Press triumphs in year of turmoil

Date posted: 10 February 2021

Bolstered by the unprecedented growth in remote online learning, ANU Press enjoyed its most successful year to date. With a collection now exceeding 940 titles and 5 million downloads annually, ANU... more

Understanding the news in 2021

Date posted: 10 February 2021

As the Myanmar coup continues to rattle world politics, two books shed a light on Myanmar’s turbulent democratic history. Trevor Wilson’s Eyewitness to... more

‘Realities and Future of Work’ Review

Date posted: 9 December 2020

Excerpt from Barbara Pocock’s review of David Peetz’s Realities and Future of Work Labour History • Number 119 • November 2020 The pandemic experience reveals what many workers know: formal... more

ANU Press’ record-breaking 2020

Date posted: 4 November 2020

Vindicating the need for open-access peer-reviewed resources, ANU Press has enjoyed a record-breaking year with over 4.1m downloads at the end of the third quarter. We’ve summarised some of the key... more

20,000 downloads for our first title published using Shorthand

Date posted: 4 November 2020

Fluid Matter(s) is the first ANU Press title published using Shorthand. The rich and evocative design has captured the attention of researchers across... more

Celebrating NAIDOC Week

Date posted: 4 November 2020

ANU is a world leader in the advancement of Indigenous scholarship, and enjoys a long-standing commitment to Indigenous reconciliation. Our collection includes over 50 titles dedicated to Indigenous... more