ANU Press Languages release

2 October 2019

ANU Press is delighted to announce the release of a new imprint, ANU Press Languages. This imprint is dedicated to exploring language teaching and aims to promote exceptional language-based texts, including textbooks, educational materials and works from a diverse range of disciplines. Content from many of the textbooks published through this series complement courses taught at The Australian National University and are relevant readings for other universities. The incorporation of interactive elements such as video, audio and quizzes further assist readers studying in these fields.

There are currently four titles available to download: ‘Modern Japanese Online’, ‘Reading Embraced by Australia: Hiroshima Modules 1 and 2’, ‘Introduction to the Tibetan Language’ and ‘The Joy of Sanskrit’. With over 25,000 downloads in 2018, and ranking as the sixth highest downloaded title in 2018, ‘The Joy of Sanskrit’ is a complete 25-week course for tertiary students.

ANU Press Languages is set to release two further titles in 2019. ‘A Linguistic History of Italy’ recounts the history of the development of language in Italy, extending over more than 2,000 years. This bilingual textbook studies the moments in Italy’s lost language past within the context of Italian society, art and thought. A wide range of media is available to help narrate this history, including a series of linguistic exercises and games.

ANU Press’ first Indigenous language textbook, ‘Wiidhaa: An Introduction to Gamilaraay’, is scheduled for release in 2020. The Gamilaraay language declined in use after the colonisation of Australia, but since the 1990s Gamilaraay people and others have been working to revive it. Led by ANU researcher John Giacon, this book provides an introduction to many aspects of the language including verbs, the case system and the extensive pronoun paradigm.

Explore a world of languages by downloading these free textbooks anywhere around the globe.