Requesting copyright permissions

You need to get written permission to use any type of copyrighted material and you will need to cover any associated costs. If there’s any doubt whether or not something is under copyright, seek permission to use it.

Under Australian copyright law, you may need to obtain permission to reproduce text extracts, including poems, and other material, such as graphs and tables, created by someone other than yourself. You must obtain permission to reproduce a ‘substantial part’ of any written work protected by copyright. This usually means about 250 words taken from a medium-length book, but includes any shorter extract that summarises the crux of the original author’s argument or research. All material quoted and any illustrative material must be appropriately acknowledged in your manuscript.

If you are providing an artwork, or a photograph of an artwork, for use in your book you need to seek the artist’s permission to reproduce this artwork.

There is no set time frame for acquiring copyright permissions. Approval can take weeks or even months, especially from overseas publishers.

ANU Press will supply you with a template list to help you keep track of your copyright permissions. A copy of each permission letter should be attached to the list, and the relevant extracts should be clearly indicated.

You need to warrant that:

  • the work is original, has not been published previously and is not being considered for publication elsewhere in either print or electronic form
  • the source of any copyright materials has been acknowledged
  • the work does not infringe on copyright held by other parties
  • the work does not contain any libellous material.

ANU Press can provide you with a template letter for requesting permission from the publisher to reproduce extracts or images from previously published books. Your request should be directed to the publisher of the work you wish to reproduce.

If you are submitting a work that has previously appeared as a printed book you need to obtain written permission from the original publisher to do so, even if the original book is out of print.

Please consult the author’s checklist for any other issues relating to previously published works.

Note: If you are including republished text in your work, please provide it in a Word document format with ANU Press styles applied. Please do not supply it in a PDF format.