The author

Before submitting a work to ANU Press, the author needs submit a ANU Press book proposal form (PDF, 171 KB) to the relevant Editorial Board for consideration.

If the proposal is considered to be of interest to the Editorial Board, the author will be contacted by the chair of the board requesting a copy of the completed work for evaluation.

The author must warrant that:

  • the work is original, has not been published previously and is not being considered for publication elsewhere in either print or electronic form
  • the source of any copyright materials has been acknowledged
  • the work does not infringe on copyright held by other parties
  • the work does not contain any libellous material
  • if required, the author will take responsibility for copyediting and indexing of the work and incur the costs involved for this service.

The Editorial Board

The Editorial Board will arrange for peer review of the work and two referee reports (at least one external to ANU). The Proposal Evaluation Form will be filled in by the delegate of the Editorial Board and sent to ANU Press together with the referee reports.

If the Editorial Board accepts the manuscript, it must be professionally copyedited (not by the author) before being sent to ANU Press. The cost for this service will either be covered by the Editorial Board or the author. For more information about our requirements, please see the Author Guide.

ANU Press

ANU Press will supply the author with the following:

  • first proofs of the work
  • second proofs of the work
  • final proofs of the work (any additional proofs needed will be charged to the author at an hourly rate)
  • a proof of the cover design (if required).

For a more detailed description of this process, please see the Author Guide.

Submission of manuscript

The final and complete manuscript must be submitted to ANU Press once it has been approved for publication by the Editorial Board, professionally copyedited and styled to ANU Press specifications (please see the ANU Press Manuscript Template for instructions on styling your manuscript).

Please only supply ANU Press with your final manuscript. Any changes to your manuscript after it has been submitted to ANU Press will not be accepted. If minor textual changes are necessary these can be completed during the proofing stage of the production process

When you submit your manuscript to ANU Press you must also submit any images, graphs or tables, as well as any copyright permissions you have obtained to use previously published materials in your book (please see requesting copyright permissions for more information).

Book formats


ANU Press is primarily an epublisher: all ANU Press books are electronically published on the ANU Press website, available for download or online reading, free of charge.

ANU Press titles are available in the following formats:

  • whole book PDF: for download or reading online
  • individual chapter PDFs: a PDF file of each chapter of a book is created and is made available for download or reading online
  • ePub and mobi: for reading online or download for a mobile device/ereader.

It is important that authors and Editorial Boards understand that ANU Press is committed to the free dissemination of ANU’s scholarly output: it is a condition of publication with ANU Press that an author’s work is available for free distribution online.

Print-on-demand (PoD) books

ANU Press will provide print copies of most of its publications using a print-on-demand (PoD) method of delivery. These books are produced using a digital print method which enables ANU Press to order books in very small quantities (as few as one copy at a time) which can be delivered directly to customers in Australia and overseas.

The PoD books are comparable in quality to print books: they are produced as paperbacks, trimmed and perfect bound, with a gloss laminate, full-colour cover and black-and-white text, printed on a good quality text paper.

Online and PoD books are bound by all the same regulations as conventionally produced books, i.e. they are allocated an ISBN, they have Cataloguing-in-Publication data, they are promoted through Google Books and distributed through Amazon Createspace, they are available on the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index, copies have to be lodged with the National Library of Australia and the ANU Library, and any substantial changes to either the cover or the text will necessitate the publication of a new edition. For these reasons, making changes to an online or print version of the work should not be done without careful consideration.


The Editorial Board acknowledges that in order to promote the work it may be necessary for ANU Press to use the material in a context that includes advertising and marketing. It consents to the use of excerpts from the work for these purposes. This may include the author’s biographical details and photographic image.

ANU Press will determine the production, design and format of the electronic and print forms of the promotional work.

ANU Press reserves the right to make special arrangements with appropriate learned or professional bodies in order to increase the exposure of the work and such arrangements may include providing access to the electronic forms of the work.

All requests to reuse the work in whole or in part in another publication will be handled by ANU Press.

Book launches

Book launches or associated events should, without exception, only be organised once production is complete and printed copies are available. If you plan to have a book launch or related event, please let us know as soon as possible. ANU Press takes no responsibility for book launch deadlines.

While we don’t have the resources to organise or subsidise book launches, if you’d like to organise a launch for your book, we’re happy to help by making digital flyers or invitations for you.