Editorial board contacts

Before you submit your manuscript you will need to email the editorial board contact person for your disciplinary area, or email ANU Press (anupress@anu.edu.au), requesting the name of the relevant contact person.

Editorial board Contact person Email address
Aboriginal History Rani Kerin rani.kerin@gmail.com
Anthropology in Pacific and Asian Studies Matt Tomlinson matt.tomlinson@anu.edu.au
ANU.Lives Melanie Nolan melanie.nolan@anu.edu.au
Asian Studies Craig Reynolds craig.reynolds@anu.edu.au
Asia-Pacific Environment Monographs Colin Filer colin.filer@anu.edu.au
Asia Pacific Security Studies Greg Raymond Greg.Raymond@anu.edu.au
Australia and New Zealand School Of Government (ANZSOG) John Wanna john.wanna@anu.edu.au
Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) Frances Morphy frances.morphy@anu.edu.au
China in the World Merrilyn Fitzpatrick merrilyn.fitzpatrick@anu.edu.au
Comparative Austronesian James Fox james.fox@anu.edu.au
Crawford School of Public Policy Andy Kennedy andy.kennedy@anu.edu.au
Environmental History Greg Barton gabarton@britishscholar.org
Humanities and Creative Arts Christine Huber christine.huber@anu.edu.au
Islam and South-East Asia Greg Fealy greg.fealy@anu.edu.au
Law Darryn Jensen darryn.jensen@anu.edu.au
Pacific Stewart Firth stewart.firth@anu.edu.au
PEARL (Profession, Education and Regulation in Law) Craig Collins craig.collins@anu.edu.au
Practical Ethics and Public Policy Michael Selgelid michael.selgelid@monash.edu
Science and Engineering Brian Kennett brian.kennett@anu.edu.au
Farid Rahimi farid.rahimi@anu.edu.au
Social Sciences Frank Bongiorno frank.bongiorno@anu.edu.au
Summations James Fox james.fox@anu.edu.au
Terra Australis Sally Brockwell sally.brockwell@anu.edu.au
Vietnam Philip Taylor philip.taylor@anu.edu.au


Journal Contact person Email address
Aboriginal History Journal Ingereth McFarlane aboriginal.history@anu.edu.au
Agenda William Coleman william.coleman@anu.edu.au
Burgmann Journal Sally Renouf sally.renouf@anu.edu.au
Cross-sections, The Bruce Hall Academic Journal TBC TBC
East Asia Forum Quarterly Shiro Armstrong shiro.armstrong@anu.edu.au
Human Ecology Review Rob Dyball rob.dyball@anu.edu.au
International Review of Environmental History James Beattie jbeattie@waikato.ac.nz
Merici – Ursulla Hall Academic Journal Henry Poetrodjojo u5163249@anu.edu.au
Undergraduate Research Journal Dierdre Pearce Diedre.Pearce@anu.edu.au

If the proposal is considered to be of interest, a representative of the editorial board will contact you with a request for a copy of the manuscript for evaluation. The manuscript will undergo a double-blind peer review process in which at least two referee reports will be obtained (at least one external to ANU).

Once your manuscript has been accepted for publication, ANU Press will commence the production cycle.