Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


Can I get review copies of ANU Press books?

All ANU Press titles are available for free download from our website. Unfortunately, we are not able to supply free printed copies of titles for review.


Can I download, copy or print ANU Press titles?

Readers are welcome to print copies of ebooks for non-commercial use, keeping in mind that the material is copyright. Unless otherwise stated, ANU Press has exclusive worldwide rights to distribute its ebooks electronically. Readers may not redistribute ANU Press books via email lists, news groups or host copies of ebooks on other servers. Commercial redistribution is strictly prohibited. Further information on ANU copyright is available. Many organisations, libraries and websites provide links to ANU Press titles and we encourage this practice rather than offsite hosting. If you find a broken link to us or our titles, please let us know.


Can I use an extract/chapter from an ANU Press title for an anthology or course reader?

Please contact us at with details of the project and we will respond to you promptly. ANU Press is an open access publisher and we are committed to the free dissemination of scholarly material. Further information on ANU copyright is available.