Comparative Austronesian Series

The Comparative Austronesian Series began as the publications of an interdisciplinary project involving anthropologists, linguists and archaeologists committed to the comparative study of the Austronesian-speaking populations of the world whose distribution extends from Taiwan to Timor, and from Madagascar to Easter Island. The series now continues and extends the impetus of the initial project focusing on a variety of topics of comparative significance.

Please note: The following list of titles is sorted by publication date, with the most recent first.

Precedence »

Social Differentiation in the Austronesian World

Edited by: Michael P. Vischer
ISSN (print): 9781921536465
ISSN (online): 9781921536472
Publication date: May 2009

Origins, Ancestry and Alliance »

Explorations in Austronesian Ethnography

Edited by: James J. Fox, Clifford Sather
ISSN (print): 0 731524 32 2
ISSN (online): 1 920942 87 4
Publication date: October 2006

Sharing the Earth, Dividing the Land »

Land and territory in the Austronesian world

Edited by: Thomas Reuter
ISSN (print): 1 920942 69 6
ISSN (online): 1 920942 70 X
Publication date: October 2006

The Austronesians »

Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Edited by: Peter Bellwood, James J. Fox, Darrell Tryon
ISSN (print): 0 731521 32 3
ISSN (online): 1 920942 85 8
Publication date: September 2006

Inside Austronesian Houses »

Perspectives on domestic designs for living

Edited by: James J. Fox
ISSN (print): 0 731515 95 1
ISSN (online): 1 920942 84 X
Publication date: September 2006

The Poetic Power of Place »

Comparative Perspectives on Austronesian Ideas of Locality

Edited by: James J. Fox
ISSN (print): 0731528417
ISSN (online): 1920942866
Publication date: September 2006