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  1. Economic Growth, Wellbeing and Protecting the Future: An Overview of the Castles Symposium (PDF, 153KB)Andrew Podger, Dennis Trewin, William Gort

Part One: The Role of Economics in Defining and Promoting Wellbeing

  1. Economic Growth and Wellbeing: Ian Castles’ Contribution (PDF, 194KB)Michael Keating
  2. Ian Castles: Scholar as Truth Teller (PDF, 132KB)William Coleman
  3. Economics and Anti-Economics (PDF, 282KB)Ian Castles
  4. Economic Growth: Is it Worth Having? (PDF, 276KB)Ian Castles and Treasury

Part Two: Measuring Real Income and Wellbeing

  1. Measuring Progress: The International Context (PDF, 605KB)Brian Pink, Sue Taylor and Hannah Wetzler
  2. The Four Approaches to Measuring Wellbeing (PDF, 1.1MB)John Hawkins
  3. The Need for Wellbeing Measurement in Context (PDF, 163KB)David Gruen and Duncan Spender
  4. The Wellbeing of the Australian People: Comments on the Treasury’s Framework (PDF, 167KB)
    - Jonathan Pincus
  5. Subjective Wellbeing and the Mismeasure of Progress (PDF, 129KB)Richard Eckersley
  6. Measuring Wealth and Welfare: Why HDI and GPI Fail (PDF, 159KB)Ian Castles
  7. Measuring Economic Progress: From Political Arithmetick to Social Accounts (PDF, 776KB)Ian Castles
  8. The Mismeasure of Nations: A Review Essay on the Human Development Report 1998 (PDF, 156KB)Ian Castles
  9. Measuring Economic Progress (PDF, 656KB)Ian Castles
  10. Reporting on Human Development: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics (PDF, 244KB)Ian Castles
  11. International Comparisons of GDP: Issues of Theory and Practice (PDF, 225KB)Ian Castles and David Henderson

Part Three: Measuring Inequality

  1. What Can We Learn from International Evidence on Trends in Income Distribution? (PDF, 2.5MB)Henry Ergas
  2. Changes in Inequality in Australia and the Redistributional Impacts of Taxes and Government Benefits (PDF, 1.1MB)Rob Bray
  3. What Difference Does Government Make? Measuring Redistribution in a Comparative Perspective (PDF, 5.3MB)Peter Whiteford
  4. Money Income Distribution and Redistribution in Australia, Sweden and the United States 1984 (PDF, 613KB)Ian Castles
  5. Living Standards in Sydney and Japanese Cities: A Comparison (PDF, 354KB)Ian Castles

Part Four: Climate Change and Limits to Growth

  1. Climate Change and Related Issues: Ian Castles’ Contributions in Perspective (PDF, 3.6MB) -David Henderson
  2. Addressing Wellbeing in the Long-Term: a Review of Intergenerational Equity and Discount Rates in Climate Change Analysis (PDF, 465KB)Mark Harrison
  3. Limits to Growth … Again (PDF, 134KB)Jeff Bennett
  4. Scientists, Statisticians and the Prophets of Doom (PDF, 137KB)Ian Castles
  5. Global Warming and the ‘Scientific Consensus’ 1939–2001 (PDF, 2.1MB)Ian Castles
  6. Ian Castles and the IPCC – Selected Letters (PDF, 350KB)
  7. The Stern Review: A Dual Critique (PDF, 13.1MB)