Protected Area Governance and Management

ISBN (print): 9781925021684
ISBN (online): 9781925021691
Publication date: April 2015
Imprint: ANU Press

PAGM briefing note

Protected Area Governance and Management presents a compendium of original text, case studies and examples from across the world, by drawing on the literature, and on the knowledge and experience of those involved in protected areas. The book synthesises current knowledge and cutting-edge thinking from the diverse branches of practice and learning relevant to protected area governance and management. It is intended as an investment in the skills and competencies of people and consequently, the effective governance and management of protected areas for which they are responsible, now and into the future.

The global success of the protected area concept lies in its shared vision to protect natural and cultural heritage for the long term, and organisations such as International Union for the Conservation of Nature are a unifying force in this regard. Nonetheless, protected areas are a socio-political phenomenon and the ways that nations understand, govern and manage them is always open to contest and debate. The book aims to enlighten, educate and above all to challenge readers to think deeply about protected areas—their future and their past, as well as their present.

The book has been compiled by 169 authors and deals with all aspects of protected area governance and management. It provides information to support capacity development training of protected area field officers, managers in charge and executive level managers.


‘(…) the book (…) it is a wondrous piece of work (…) It is a change maker’
Nik Lopoukhine, Chairperson Emeritus, IUCN WCPA; Former Chief Executive, Parks Canada

‘It is a splendid volume representing a vast amount of work and will be immensely valuable’
John Gordon, Honorary Professor, School of Geography and Geological Sciences, University of St Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

‘This is a book that needs to be read by all (…) from the heads of protected area authorities to the park managers and rangers on the ground’
Dr Jane Smart, IUCN Global Director, Biodiversity Conservation Group, Gland, Switzerland

‘(…) it will (…) become “the bible” of protected area management for decades to come’
Roger Good, Alpine Ecologist, NSW Australia

‘What a cracker of a book (…) a great resource to train and improve protected area management in all its diverse glories’
Mike Williams, Principal, Michael Williams and Associates, Waverton, NSW Australia

‘Congratulations on what is a significant piece of work (…), I (…) can see it will be of great reference value’
Daniel Iglesias, Director ACT Parks and Conservation, Australia

‘Its wide and free availability as an eBook is fantastic’
Peter Jacobs, Former Chief Ranger, Alpine National Park, Victoria

‘(… )well done to the excellent WCPA collective effort to get this vital information into the hands of protected area staff (…)’
Roger Croft, Founding CEO, Scottish Natural Heritage; Former WCPA Regional Vice Chair for Europe, United Kingdom

‘Congratulations (…) for the new IUCN protected area book, fantastic’
Dr Yuri Badenkov, Russian Academy of Science

‘What a terrific resource it is, and will remain so, for many, many years’
David Harmon, Executive Director, George Wright Society, Hancock, USA

‘This is great! We have people lined up for this book! (…) for me, it turned into one of the best writing experiences I have had’
Steve McCool, Professor Emeritus, Department of Society and Conservation, University of Montana, USA