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Part 1: Introduction

Reprint A: Preface to ‘Planetary Overload: Global Environmental Change and the Health of the Human Species’ (PDF, 432KB)

  1. From Silent Spring to the Threat of a Four-Degree World (PDF, 280KB) – Colin D. Butler and Alistair Woodward
  2. A Long Collaboration (PDF, 150KB) – Basil S. Hetzel
  3. Much Said, Much to be Done (PDF, 561KB) – John Reid, Anthony G. Capon and Jane Dixon

Reprint B: Prisoners of the Proximate: Loosening the Constraints on Epidemiology in an Age of Change (PDF, 4.2MB) – Anthony J. McMichael

Part 2: Healthy Workers

Reprint C: Standardized Mortality Ratios and the ‘Healthy Worker Effect’: Scratching Beneath the Surface (PDF, 4.0MB) – Anthony J. McMichael

  1. Occupational Stress (PDF, 151KB) – Su Mon Kyaw-Myint and Lyndall Strazdins
  2. A Public Health Approach to Environmental and Occupational Health Problems in Developing Countries (PDF, 162KB) – Hülya Gül and Zahide Ceren Atli
  3. Tales of Occupational Cancer (PDF, 185KB) – Devra Davis and Colin D. Butler

Part 3: Environmental and Social Epidemiology

Reprint D: Port Pirie Cohort Study: Environmental Exposure to Lead and Children’s Abilities at the Age of Four Years (PDF, 727KB)Anthony J. McMichael, P.A. Baghurst, N. Wigg, G. Vimpani, E. Robertson and R. Roberts

  1. Environmental Lead Exposure and Childhood Development (PDF, 219KB) – Shilu Tong
  2. Shining Light on Human Immunity (PDF, 150KB) – Robyn Lucas, Ashwin Swaminathan and Keith Dear
  3. Studying the Thai Health‑Risk Transition (PDF, 446KB) – Adrian Sleigh and Sam-ang Seubsman
  4. Climate Change and Environmental Influences on Australia’s Population Distribution (PDF, 317KB) – Graeme Hugo and Janet Wall
  5. Globalisation and the Epigenetic Landscape (PDF, 349KB) – Paolo Vineis
  6. Uses and Misuses of Epidemiology (PDF, 169KB) – Alistair Woodward

Part 4: Nutrition and Food Systems

Reprint E: Diet and Cancer of the Colon and Rectum: A Case-Control Study (PDF, 1.0MB) – John D. Potter and Anthony J. McMichael

  1. Monocultures: A Blight on Human and Planetary Health (PDF, 255KB) – John D. Potter
  2. Global Food Security, Population and Limits to Growth (PDF, 331KB) – Colin D. Butler

Reprint F: Social and Cultural Perspectives (PDF, 7.2MB) – Basil Hetzel and Anthony J. McMichael

  1. Eco-nutrition, Ecosystems and Health (PDF, 151KB) – Mark L. Wahlqvist
  2. Revisiting the ‘Urban Bias’ and its Relationship to Food Security (PDF, 158KB) – Jane Dixon and Philip McMichael

Part 5: Climate Change and Health

Reprint G: Global Warming, Ecological Disruption and Human Health: The Penny Drops (PDF, 2.4MB) – Anthony J. McMichael

  1. Fragile Paradise (PDF, 175KB) – Lachlan McIver and Elizabeth Hanna
  2. From Social Reform to Social Transformation (PDF, 355KB) – Hilary Bambrick and Stefano Moncada
  3. Climate Change, Health and Well-being in Indigenous Australia (PDF, 254KB) – Donna Green and Leanne Webb
  4. The Sociocultural Context of Climate Change Adaptation in Australia, with a Focus on Hot Weather (PDF, 169KB)Cathy Banwell, Jane Dixon, Hilary Bambrick, Ferne Edwards and Tord Kjellstrom
  5. Archived Newspaper Reports as a Complementary Source of Epidemiological Data for Research into Climate Change Adaptation (PDF, 223KB) – Colin L. Soskolne, Justine D. A. Klaver-Kibria, Karen M. McDonald, Donald W. Spady, J. Peter Rothe, Karen Smoyer Tomic, Kaila-Lea Clarke and Gian S. Jhangri
  6. Health Co-benefits of Climate Change Mitigation Policies (PDF, 165KB) – Andy Haines
  7. From Grass Roots to Government (PDF, 122KB) – Kathryn Bowen

Part 6: Ecosystem Change, Infectious Diseases and Well-being

Reprint H: Social and Environmental Risk Factors in the Emergence of Infectious Diseases (PDF, 853KB) – Robin A. Weiss and Anthony J. McMichael

  1. Climate Change, Ross River Virus and Biodiversity (PDF, 171KB) – Philip Weinstein and Peng Bi
  2. Detection and Attribution of Climate Change Effects on Infectious Diseases (PDF, 182KB) – Melanie Bannister-Tyrrell, David Harley and Tony McMichael
  3. Patterns of Ecological Change and Emerging Infectious Disease in the Australasian Region (PDF, 165KB) – Ro McFarlane
  4. Biodiversity Keeps People Healthy (PDF, 222KB) – Pim Martens and Carijn Beumer
  5. A Case Study of Urban Trees, Public Health and Social Equity (PDF, 568KB) – Michael Bentley
  6. Reflections on the Virulence of Infections (PDF, 392KB)  – Robin A. Weiss

Part 7: Transformation

Reprint I: The Sustainability Transition: A New Challenge (PDF, 135KB) – Anthony J. McMichael, Kirk R. Smith and Carlos F. Corvalán

  1. Managing Decline (PDF, 134KB) – Trevor Hancock
  2. Elemental Epidemiology (PDF, 147KB) – Martin McKee
  3. Freeing Policy from the Proximate (PDF, 190KB) – Devin C. Bowles
  4. You’ve Got to be Careful if You Don’t Know Where You’re Going Because You Might Not Get There (Yogi Berra) (PDF, 136KB) – Kristie L. Ebi
  5. Climate Change, Violence, and the Afterlife (PDF, 138KB) – Kirk R. Smith
  6. On the Need to Transform Governance to Regulate Corporations for the Survival of Homo Sapiens (PDF, 164KB) – Peter Tait
  7. Human Habitat and Health (PDF, 241KB) – Anthony G. Capon
  8. Transforming Human Society from Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism (PDF, 129KB) – Bob Douglas
  9. Ecological Public Health (PDF, 219KB) – Geof Rayner and Tim Lang