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  1. Understanding the Macassans: A regional approach (PDF, 215KB) Marshall Clark and Sally K. May
  2. Studying trepangers (PDF, 147KB) Campbell Macknight
  3. Crossing the great divide: Australia and eastern Indonesia (PDF, 182KB) Anthony Reid
  4. Histories with traction: Macassan contact in the framework of Muslim Australian history (PDF, 111KB) Regina Ganter
  5. Interpreting the Macassans: Language exchange in historical encounters (PDF, 969KB) Paul Thomas
  6. Unbirri’s pre-Macassan legacy, or how the Yolngu became black (PDF, 123KB) Ian S. McIntosh
  7. ‘An Arnhem Land adventure’: Representations of Macassan–Indigenous Australian connections in popular geographical magazines (PDF, 726KB) Rebecca Bilous
  8. Rock art evidence for Macassan–Aboriginal contact in northwestern Arnhem Land (PDF, 453KB) Paul S. C. Taçon and Sally K. May
  9. Drug substances introduced by the Macassans: The mystery of the tobacco pipe (PDF, 514KB) Maggie Brady
  10. Tangible heritage of the Macassan–Aboriginal encounter in contemporary South Sulawesi (PDF, 2.5MB) Marshall Clark
  11. Traditional and ‘modern’ trepang fisheries on the border of the Indonesian and Australian fishing zones (PDF, 1.0MB) Dedi Supriadi Adhuri
  12. Travelling the ‘Malay Road’: Recognising the heritage significance of the Macassan maritime trade route (PDF, 1.2MB) Sandy Blair and Nicholas Hall