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  1. Designing for Mutability in Information Systems Artifacts (PDF, 216KB) Shirley Gregor and Juhani Iivari
  2. The Effect of the Application Domain in IS Problem Solving: A Theoretical Analysis (PDF, 341KB) Iris Vessey
  3. Towards a Unified Theory of Fit: Task, Technology and Individual (PDF, 366KB) Michael J. Davern
  4. Are Routine Manual Systems Genuine Information Systems? (PDF, 145KB) Reeva Lederman and Robert Johnston


  1. Extending the Scope of Representation Theory: A Review and Proposed Research Model (PDF, 359KB) Jan Recker, Michael Rosemann, Peter Green and Marta Indulska
  2. Indexing Research: An Approach to Grounding Ingarden’s Ontological Framework (PDF, 385KB) John W Lamp and Simon Milton
  3. Using Protocol Analysis to Explore the Creative Requirements Engineering Process (PDF, 145KB) Lemai Nguyen and Graeme Shanks
  4. Poles Apart or Bedfellows? Re-conceptualising Information Systems Success and Failure (PDF, 217KB) Dennis Hart and Leoni Warne


  1. An Action-Centred Approach to Conceptualising Information Support for Routine Work (PDF, 417KB) Vivienne Waller, Robert B Johnston and Simon K Milton
  2. Emergent Conversational Technologies That Are Democratising Information Systems in Organisations: The Case of the Corporate Wiki (PDF, 134KB) Helen Hason and Charmaine C Pfaff
  3. A Road Less Travelled: Exploratory Practice-Driven Theory Development Opportunities in IS Project Management (PDF, 289KB) Peter Reynolds and Peter Yetton
  4. A Multi-Paradigm Approach to Grounded Theory (PDF, 348KB) Walter Fernandez, Michael A Martin, Shirley Gregor, Steven E Stern and Michael Vitale
  5. The Methodological and Theoretical Foundations of Decision Support Systems Research (PDF, 144KB) David Arnott and Graham Pervan