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  1. Introduction: Indigenous and Minority Placenames – Australian and International Perspectives (PDF, 159KB)Ian D. Clark, Luise Hercus, and Laura Kostanski
  2. Comitative placenames in central NSW (PDF, 455KB)David Nash
  3. The diminutive suffix -dool in placenames of central north NSW (PDF, 288KB)- David Nash
  4. Placenames as a guide to language distribution in the Upper Hunter, and the landnám problem in Australian toponomastics (PDF, 341KB)Jim Wafer
  5. Illuminating the cave names of Gundungurra country (PDF, 1.1MB)Jim Smith
  6. Doing things with toponyms: the pragmatics of placenames in Western Arnhem Land (PDF, 692KB)Murray Garde
  7. Locating Seven Rivers (PDF, 2.5MB)Fiona Powell
  8. ‘Many were killed from falling over the cliffs’: The naming of Mount Wheeler, Central Queensland (PDF, 290KB)Jonathan Richards
  9. Saltwater Placenames around Mer in the Torres Strait (PDF, 448KB)Nick Piper
  10. Pinning down Kaurna names: Linguistic issues arising in the development of the Kaurna Place Names Database (PDF, 3.3MB)Rob Amery and Vincent (Jack) Kanya Buckskin
  11. One name for one Place – but it is not always so (PDF, 1.7MB)Luise Hercus
  12. Why did squatters in colonial Victoria use Indigenous placenames for their sheep stations? (PDF, 2.0MB)Fred (David) Cahir
  13. Multiple Aboriginal placenames in western and central Victoria (PDF, 143KB)Ian D. Clark
  14. Dissonance surrounding the Aboriginal origin of a selection of placenames in Victoria, Australia: Lessons in lexical ambiguity (PDF, 143KB)Ian D. Clark
  15. Duel-Names: How toponyms (placenames) can represent hegemonic histories and alternative narratives (PDF, 3.3MB)Laura Kostanski
  16. Water for country, words for water: Indigenous placenames of north-west Victoria and south-west New South Wales (PDF, 2.1MB)Edward Ryan
  17. Obtuse anglers: The linguistics and ethnography of fishing ground names on Norfolk Island (PDF, 523KB)Joshua Nash
  18. Sámi placenames, power relations and representation (PDF, 294KB)Kaisa Rautio Helander
  19. Please adjust your bearings (PDF, 2.9MB)Huia Pacey
  20. Accommodating the Inuit majority: Traditional placenames in Nunavut today (PDF, 3.3MB)Lynn Peplinski
  21. Khoisan indigenous toponymic identity in South Africa (PDF, 4.0MB)Peter E. Raper