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Self-Reliant Defence: The First Cut

  1. The Self-Reliant Defence of Australia: The History of an Idea (PDF, 174KB)

Global Issues

  1. Global Change and Strategic Priorities (PDF, 191KB)
  2. Restoring Utility to Armed Force in the 21st Century (PDF, 148KB)
  3. The Rise of China: History as Policy (PDF, 119KB)
  4. Whither the United States and Unipolarity? (PDF, 171KB)

Regional Issues

  1. The ‘Arc of Instability’: The History of an Idea (PDF, 191KB)
  2. Jihadism and ‘The Battle of Ideas’ in Indonesia: Critiquing Australian Counterterrorism (PDF, 150KB)
  3. Security Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region (PDF, 156KB)

Australian Strategic and Defence Issues

  1. The Challenge of Coherence: Strategic Guidance, Capability, and Budgets (PDF, 145KB)
  2. The Higher Command Structure for Joint ADF Operations (PDF, 188KB)
  3. Four Decades of the Defence of Australia: Reflections on Australian Defence Policy over the Past 40 Years (PDF, 224KB)