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Part 1: Introduction

  1. Introduction (PDF, 98KB)R.Q. Grafton, P.R. Wyrwoll, C. White and D. Allendes

Part 2: Economics

  1. Economics (PDF, 168KB)  - R. Quentin Grafton
  2. Managing residential water demand in the OECD (PDF, 143KB) - Michael Ward and Chris White
  3. Water finance: Preparing for the next critical juncture (PDF, 198KB) - Diego J. Rodriguez and Amanda McMahon
  4. Outlining a transition from cost-effective to productive rural water service improvements (PDF, 287KB) - Adam Abramson
  5. Improving West African rice production with agricultural water management strategies (PDF, 131KB) - Pamela G. Katic
  6. An assessment of the replacement of traditional irrigation systems by private wells in Tamil Nadu, India (PDF, 258KB) - Kei Kajisa
  7. Water markets in the Murray-Darling Basin (PDF, 199KB) - R. Quentin Grafton and James Horne

Part 3: Transboundary governance

  1.  Transboundary water governance (PDF, 222KB) - Daniel Connell
  2. How ‘soft’ power shapes transboundary water interaction (PDF, 277KB) - Jeroen Warner, Mark Zeitoun and Naho Mirumachi
  3. Greater exchange, greater ambiguity: Water resources data and information exchange in transboundary water treaties (PDF, 152KB) - Andrea K. Gerlak, Jonathon Lautze and Mark Giordarno
  4. Opening the black box of river basin organisations (PDF, 251KB) - Susanne Schmeier
  5. The agreement on the Guarani Aquifer: Cooperation without conflict (PDF, 498KB) - Pilar Carolina Villar and Wagner Costa Ribeiro
  6. The Brahmaputra: Water hotspot in Himalayan Asia (PDF, 114KB) - Robert G. Wirsing

Part 4: Development

  1. Development (PDF, 91KB) - Bob Warner
  2. Improved but not necessarily safe: Water access and the Millennium Development Goals (PDF, 461KB) - Robert Bain, Jim Wright, Hong Yang, Stephen Gundry, Steve Pedley and Jamie Bartram
  3. Water supply and sanitation in India: Meeting targets and beyond (PDF, 395KB) - Sridhar Vedachalam
  4. Mobile water payments in urban Africa: Adoption, implications and opportunities (PDF, 566KB) - Tim Foster, Rob Hope, Aaron Krolikowski and Ilana Cohen
  5. Good governance for state-owned water utilities (PDF, 97KB) - Sanford V. Berg
  6. Water, women and marital violence in a Bangladesh village (PDF, 134KB) - K.M. Rabiul Karim, Maria Emmelin, Bernadette P. Resurreccion and Sarah Wamala

Part 5: Energy

  1. Energy (PDF, 326KB) - Jamie Pittock
  2. Water security at the energy crossroads (PDF, 484KB) - Edward Byers
  3. A thirst for power: A global analysis of water consumption for energy production (PDF, 515KB) - Edward Spang
  4. New perspectives on the effects of natural gas extraction on groundwater quality (PDF, 536KB) - Zacariah L. Hildenbrand, Brian E. Fontenot, Doug D. Carlton Jr and Kevin A. Schug
  5. Shale gas for energy security in India: Perspectives and constraints (PDF, 451KB) - Asit K. Biswas and Julian Kirchherr
  6. Dams on the Mekong (PDF, 111KB) - Stuart Orr

Part 6: Water concepts

  1. Water concepts (PDF, 92KB) - Karen Hussey
  2. Understanding water scarcity: Definitions and measurements (PDF, 215KB) - Chris White
  3. Water security: Converging toward toward common understanding through quantification (PDF, 889KB) - Jonathan Lautze and Herath Manthrithilake
  4. Water footprints: Policy relevant or one-dimensional indicators? (PDF, 129KB) - Dennis Wichelns
  5. Virtual water: Some reservations (PDF, 113KB) - Ramaswamy R. Iyer
  6. Virtual water trade means ‘trade in in water services’ (PDF, 95KB) - Jeffrey J. Reimer
  7. Understanding resilience: Implications for the water sector (PDF, 112KB) - Heather Smith

Part 7: UNESCO Water Chairs and Centres

  1. UNESCO Water Chairs and Centres (PDF, 91KB) - R. Quentin Grafton
  2. Promoting cooperation for transboundary water security: The experience of the UNESCO Chair/INWEB (PDF, 659KB) - Jacques Ganoulis, Katie Quartano and Charalampos Skoulikaris
  3. The UN Watercourses Convention and its complementary User’s Guide- Indispensable ingredients for global water cooperation (PDF, 133KB)  - Ariel Litke and Alistair Rieu-Clarke
  4. Water reuse and wastewater recycling- Solutions to Tehran’s growing water crisis (PDF, 238KB) - Masoud Tajrishy, Abedeh Abdolghafoorian and Ahmad Abrishamchi
  5. Water services and cooperation (PDF, 377KB) - Tapio S. Katko, Jarmo J. Hukka, D.A. Mashauri and E.N. Nyangeri