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  1. Villages, Violence and Atonement in Fiji (PDF, 0.5MB)Lynda Newland
  2. ‘Lost in Translation’: Gender Violence, Human Rights and Women’s Capabilities in Fiji (PDF, 0.3MB)Nicole George
  3. Men’s Matters: Changing Masculine Identities in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 0.9MB)Philip Gibbs
  4. Proclivity and Prevalence: Accounting for the Dynamics of Sexual Violence in the Response to HIV in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 0.5MB)Katherine Lepani
  5. Sorcery Talk, Gender Violence and the Law in Vanuatu (PDF, 0.3MB)John P. Taylor and Natalie G. Araújo
  6. Translating and Internalising International Human Rights Law: The Courts of Melanesia Confront Gendered Violence (PDF, 0.3MB)Jean G. Zorn
  7. Human Rights Work in Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Vanuatu (PDF, 0.4MB)Aletta Biersack
  8. ‘When She Cries Oceans’: Navigating Gender Violence in the Western Pacific (PDF, 0.3MB)Margaret Jolly