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  1. The ‘New Pacific Diplomacy’: An introduction (PDF, 171KB) – Greg Fry and Sandra Tarte
  2. ‘Charting its Own Course’: A paradigm shift in Pacific diplomacy (PDF, 83KB) – H.E. President Anote Tong

The Regional Diplomatic System

  1. Towards a New Regional Diplomacy Architecture (PDF, 223KB) – Kaliopate Tavola
  2. The Future of the Pacific Islands Forum and the Framework for Pacific Regionalism (PDF, 139KB) – Dame Meg Taylor
  3. The New Framework for Pacific Regionalism: Old kava in a new tanoa? (PDF, 170KB) – Claire Slatter
  4. Civil Society and the Political Legitimacy of Regional Institutions: An NGO perspective (PDF, 164KB) – Maureen Penjueli
  5. A New Pacific Regional Voice? The Pacific Islands Development Forum (PDF, 150KB) – Sandra Tarte
  6. The New Pacific Diplomacy at the United Nations: The rise of the PSIDS (PDF, 151KB) – Fulori Manoa

Fiji’s New Diplomacy

  1. Fiji’s Emerging Brand of Pacific Diplomacy: A Fiji government perspective (PDF, 148KB) – Litia Mawi
  2. Fiji’s Foreign Policy and the New Pacific Diplomacy (PDF, 154KB) – Makereta Komai

Geopolitical Context

  1. The Strategic Context of the New Pacific Diplomacy (PDF, 156KB) – Michael O’Keefe
  2. New Zealand and Australia in Pacific Regionalism (PDF, 143KB) – Nicola Baker


  1. The Renaissance of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (PDF, 135KB) – Tess Newton Cain
  2. Negotiating the Melanesia Free Trade Area (PDF, 164KB) – Sovaia Marawa
  3. Micronesian Sub-Regional Diplomacy (PDF, 163KB) – Suzanne Lowe Gallen

Climate Diplomacy

  1. Marshalling a Pacific Response to Climate Change (PDF, 532KB) – Nicollette Goulding
  2. Establishing a Pacific Voice in the Climate Change Negotiations (PDF, 196KB) – George Carter

Tuna Diplomacy

  1. How Tuna is Shaping Regional Diplomacy (PDF, 464KB) – Transform Aqorau
  2. The New Pacific Diplomacy and the South Pacific Tuna Treaty (PDF, 315KB) – Jope Tarai

Negotiating Trade and Decolonisation

  1. Negotiating Power in Contemporary Pacific Trade Diplomacy (PDF, 155KB) – Wesley Morgan
  2. Pacific Diplomacy and Decolonisation in the 21st Century (PDF, 183KB) – Nic Maclellan