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  1. Culture and sustainable development in the Pacific (PDF, 501KB)
  2. The ocean in us (PDF, 481KB)
  3. On the anthropology of modernity; or, some triumphs of culture over despondency theory (PDF, 502KB)
  4. Gender, culture and sustainable development—the Pacific Way (PDF, 511KB)
  5. Governance, development and leadership in Polynesia: a microstudy from Samoa (PDF, 482KB)
  6. Rumble in the jungle: land, culture and (un)sustainable logging in Solomon Islands (PDF, 482KB)
  7. Knowing about culture: the handling of social issues at resource projects in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 492KB)
  8. Culture and sustainable marine resource development in the Pacific (PDF, 449KB)
  9. Fisheries resource-use culture in Fiji and its implications (PDF, 490KB)
  10. Local hierarchies of authority and development (PDF, 474KB)
  11. A paradox of tradition in a modernising society: chiefs and political development in Fiji (PDF, 499KB)
  12. Development and Maori society: building from the centre or the edge? (PDF, 483KB)
  13. Culturally and ecologically sustainable tourism development through local community management (PDF, 486KB)
  14. Tourism and culture: a sustainable partnership (PDF, 447KB)
  15. Vaka Moana—a road map for the South Pacific economy (PDF, 512KB)
  16. Vaka Moana—the ocean roads (PDF, 498KB)

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