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  1. Introduction: Roots of conflict in the Southern Highlands (PDF, 577KB)
  2. The National Government and the Southern Highlands since the 2002 General Elections (PDF, 129KB)
  3. The Setting: Land, economics and development in the Southern Highlands (PDF, 1.6MB)
  4. The Southern Highlands: A hasty transition from unknown to riches and chaos (PDF, 123KB)
  5. Cosmology, Morality and Resource Development: SHP election outcomes and moves to establish a separate Hela Province (PDF, 128KB)
  6. ‘Hoo-Ha in Huli’: Considerations on commotion and community in the Southern Highlands (PDF, 327KB)
  7. Issues of Stability in the Southern Highlands Province (PDF, 133KB)
  8. The Future of Resource Development in the Southern Highlands (PDF, 113KB)
  9. Community-Based Development in Tari – Present and Prospects (PDF, 242KB)
  10. A Brief Overview of Government, Law and Order, and Social Matters in the Tari District (PDF, 87KB)
  11. Porgera Joint Venture’s Presence in the Southern Highlands Province (PDF, 110KB)
  12. What if they don’t want your kind of development? Reflections on the Southern Highlands (PDF, 132KB)
  13. Conflict Vulnerability Assessment of the Southern Highlands Province (PDF, 136KB)
  14. An Inside Post-mortem on the Southern Highlands: A perspective from Tari (PDF, 134KB)