Agenda - A Journal of Policy Analysis and Reform: Volume 15, Number 2, 2008 »

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Editorial Committee (PDF, 55KB)


John Foster The 2020 Summit: ‘The Future of the Economy’ View (PDF, 83KB)
Ross Guest The 2020 Summit: ‘Population, Sustainability, Climate Change and Water’ View (PDF, 107KB)
Joshua Gans The 2020 Summit: ‘The Productivity Agenda’ View (PDF, 81KB)
Anne Twomey The 2020 Summit: ‘The Future of Governance’ View (PDF, 122KB)
Bruce Chapman 2020 Summit: ‘An Australian on Mars by 2020’ View (PDF, 109KB)


Harry Clarke The Economist’s Way of Thinking About Alcohol Policy View (PDF, 430KB)


Philip Lewis The First Two Decisions of the Australian Fair Pay Commission: A Critique View (PDF, 849KB)


Gary Johns The Northern Territory Intervention in Aboriginal Affairs: Wicked Problem or Wicked Policy? View (PDF, 182KB)
José A. Rodrigues-Neto Climate Change Policy: A Theorist’s Plea to Take Heed of Game Theory and Ambiguity Aversion View (PDF, 122KB)


Selwyn Cornish Alan Greenspan, The Age of Turbulence. Adventures in a New World View (PDF, 128KB)
G. R. Hawke Randall E. Parker, The Economics of the Great Depression: A Twenty-First Century Look Back at the Economics of the Interwar Era View (PDF, 127KB)
Keith Rankin J. E. King (ed.), A Biographical Dictionary of Australian and New Zealand Economists View (PDF, 126KB)