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Editorial Committee (PDF, 59KB)


David L. Anderson and John Tressler The ‘Excellence in Research for Australia’ Scheme: A Test Drive of
Draft Journal Weights with New Zealand Data
View (PDF, 176KB)
Anthony J. Makin Fiscal ‘stimulus’: A loanable funds critique View (PDF, 359KB)


Henry Ergas An Excess of Access: An Examination of Part IIIA of the Australian Trade Practices Act View (PDF, 214KB)
Sinclair Davidson A ‘no-returns tax system’ for Australia: Some inconvenient facts View (PDF, 333KB)

Symposium: The Sydney University Political Economy Dispute

Peter Groenewegen ‘The book cannot stand on its own as an accurate portrait’ View (PDF, 97KB)
Rod O’Donnell The Permanent Need for Political Economy View (PDF, 122KB)
John Hawkins ‘By the end of the book I was none the wiser’ View (PDF, 88KB)


Ross Guest Seeking the elusive town and gown dialogue: The inaugural Australian Economic Forum View (PDF, 106KB)


George A. Akerlof and Robert J. Shiller, Animal Spirits. How Human Psychology Drives The Economy, And Why It Matters For Global Capitalism (Princeton University Press, 2009) by Selwyn Cornish View (PDF, 105KB)
Vernon Smith, Rationality in Economics: Constructivist and Ecological Forms (Cambridge University Press, 2008) by Declan Trott View (PDF, 94KB)