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Editor and Editorial Committee (PDF, 69KB)


Sinclair Davidson Excellence in Research for Australia: An Audit of the Applied Economics Rankings  View (PDF, 477KB)
Hazel V. J. Moir Fabricating Invention: The Patent Malfunction of Australian Patent Law  View (PDF, 407KB)
Sinclair Davidson and Ashton de Silva Stimulating Savings: An Analysis of Cash Handouts in Australia and the United States  View (PDF, 931KB)


Richard Cornes and José A. Rodrigues-Neto Is Policy Too Important to be Left to Empiricists? Lessons of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Economics  View (PDF, 471KB)
Mark Harrison A Critique of the Productivity Commission’s Cost-Benefit Analysis in the “Disability Care and Support” Report  View (PDF, 145KB)
Jonathan Pincus The Power to Tax, 33 Years Later  View (PDF, 480KB)


Daryl Biggar “Why Johnny Can’t Regulate”: A Reply to Ergas  View (PDF, 248KB)
Henry Ergas A Rejoinder to Biggar  View (PDF, 139KB)
Daryl Biggar A Final Word  View (PDF, 96KB)