Maverick Mathematician: The Life and Science of J.E. Moyal

Table of Contents

1. Boyhood
2. The Making of a Scientific Maverick
3. Battle With a Legend
4. The Widening Circle
5. Antipodean Winds
6. Argonne National Laboratory
7. Macquarie University
8. The Reflective Years
Appendix 1. Publications of J.E. Moyal
Appendix 2. P.A.M. Dirac – J. E. Moyal: Correspondence, 1944-1946. Basser Library, Australian Academy of Science, Canberra, MS 45/3/
Appendix 3. Quantum Mechanics as a Statistical Theory by J.E. Moyal

List of Figures

1.1. Palestine under the British Mandate 1922–1948
3.1. Paul Dirac, tenacious ‘high priest’ of theoretical physics
3.2. Letter from P.A.M. Dirac
4.1. Maurice Bartlett, statistician – a valuable ally and colleague of Joe’s
4.2. Harry Messel, Sydney University’s dynamic director of the School of Physics until 1987
5.1. The young Australian National University in 1958 where staff, recruited across many disciplines, mixed in the temporary structure of the ‘Old Hospital Building’ seen here
5.2. JM — in Canberra, 1958. Appointed Reader in Statistics at the ANU that year, he was an early founding scientist of the University
5.3. Ann Mozley arrived at the ANU late in 1958 to help found the Australian Dictionary of Biography
5.4. Statistician Joe Gani took up a position in the Department of Statistics, ANU in 1961
5.5. Joe Moyal after his marriage to Ann, 1963
6.1. Argonne National Laboratory, America’s leading National Atomic Energy Laboratory for peaceful purposes. Deer played in its spacious parks
6.2. JM — with familiar cigar at the Moyal apartment, Lisle, Illinois
6.3. Joe ready to dive in Caribbean waters, 1969
7.1. John Clive Ward, an eminent figure in physics at Macquarie
7.2. Macquarie mathematician, Alan McIntosh, who would rise to become head of the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications at the ANU
8.1. Joe Moyal in retirement, still thinking about quantum theory
8.2. Joe camping in Queensland, 1984
8.3. Portrait of Ann and Joe Moyal, Canberra, 1995