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Passionate Histories: Myth, Memory and Indigenous Australia


Edited by Frances-Peters Little, Ann Curthoys, John Docker

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  2. First page
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Notes on Contributors
  5. Foreword
  6. Introduction
  7. Part one: massacres
  8. 1. The country has another past: Queensland and the History Wars
  9. 2. ‘Hard evidence’: the debate about massacre in the Black War in Tasmania
  10. 3. Epistemological vertigo and allegory: thoughts on massacres, actual, surrogate, and averted – Beersheba, Wake in Fright, Australia
  11. Part two: myths
  12. 4. Remembering the referendum with compassion
  13. 5. Idle men: the eighteenth-century roots of the Indigenous indolence myth
  14. 6. ‘These unoffending people’: myth, history and the idea of Aboriginal resistance in David Collins’ Account of the English Colony in New South Wales
  15. 7. Demythologising Flynn, with Love: contesting missionaries in Central Australia in the twentieth century
  16. Part three: memory and oral history
  17. 8. Paul Robeson’s visit to Australia and Aboriginal activism, 1960
  18. 9. Using poetry to capture the Aboriginal voice in oral history transcripts
  19. Part four: identity, myth and memory
  20. 10. Making a debut: myths, memories and mimesis
  21. 11. Identity and identification: Aboriginality from the Spanish Civil War to the French Ghettos
  22. 12. Urban Aboriginal ceremony: when seeing is not believing
  23. 13. Island Home Country: working with Aboriginal protocols in a documentary film about colonisation and growing up white in Tasmania
  24. Part five: the Stolen Generations
  25. 14. Reconciliation without history: state crime and state punishment in Chile and Australia
  26. 15. Overheard – conversations of a museum curator
  27. 16. On the significance of saying ‘sorry’: Apology and reconciliation in Australia 

Passionate Histories

Myth, memory and Indigenous Australia

Published by ANU E Press and Aboriginal History Incorporated

The Australian National University

Canberra ACT 0200, Australia



ISBN 9781921666643 (pbk.)

ISSN 9781921666650 (online)

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Cover image: History’s like water, photography by James Henry Little.

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Passionate Histories: Myth, Memory and Indigenous Australia

   by Edited by Frances-Peters Little, Ann Curthoys, John Docker