In conclusion, the development of a project management culture within the Tasmanian Government has meant a long-term commitment, mainly on the part of the project management practitioners, but also for senior executives and the Project Services team based in DPAC. One cannot really pinpoint in time when it began, but like most other organisations, the Tasmanian Government has progressed along a path of project management maturity. As a result of a major project failure in the early 1990’s, there was recognition of the need for a structured approach to managing projects to increase their likelihood of success. The Tasmanian Government’s project management methodology was developed and has evolved over the past ten years. It has been an iterative process with input from external consultants, international research including an analysis of the nine knowledge areas within the PMBOK® and pragmatic input from practising project managers within the Tasmanian State Service.

The Project Management Resources and Information Project (PMIRP) was an exercise in organisational change management. It resulted in the establishment of the Tasmanian Government Project Management Framework and a small Project Services team. This team continues to work collaboratively with our practitioners to keep our project management culture alive and healthy. This work does require passion, commitment and continual championship for ‘the cause’.