‘The axe had never sounded’: place, people and heritage of Recherche Bay, Tasmania

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Setting Out
The Officers
The Savants
Ships and Stores
Chapter 2. Recherche Bay
Recherche Bay, revisited summer 1793
Chapter 3. Naturalists Ashore
Chapter 4. Botanising
The Garden
Chapter 5. Measuring and Charting
Chapter 6. Seeking the Tasmanians
Chapter 7. Meeting the Tasmanians
Chapter 8. An Archaeological Heritage
Chapter 9. Labillardière’s Luck
Chapter 10. Retrospect: Recherche Bay, History and Anthropology
Chapter 11. The Chaotic Years
Piracy on the Brig Cyprus
Chapter 12. Lady Jane at Recherche Bay
Chapter 13. Good and Bad Times
Coal Mining
James Craig
Chapter 14. The Concept of Heritage
Chapter 15. National Heritage Nomination
The Dénouement


Aerial view of northern area of Recherche Bay, 2005.
Recherche Bay, north-eastern peninsula from the air, 2005.
Map 1: South-eastern Tasmania.
Map 2: Recherche Bay, showing places mentioned in the text.
Recherche and Espérance under way.
Antoine-Joseph-Bruny d’Entrecasteaux, 1737-1793.
Jacques-Julien Houton de Labillardière.
Recherche Bay entrance from Bennetts Point.
Looking towards Mt La Perouse from the 1792 beach.
The enigmatic stone structure at Bennetts Point.
Beautemps-Beaupré’s chart of the northern harbour.
Type specimen of Eucalyptus globulus (blue gum).
The ‘garden’ in 2003, outlined by rocks.
The dip needle used by Rossel.
de Borda’s ‘cercle répétiteur’ (left) and ‘cercle de reflexion’ (right).
Beautemps-Beaupré’s chart of Rocky Bay, southern Recherche Bay.
Beautemps-Beaupré’s chart of D’Entrecasteaux Channel.
View of Rocky Bay from 1793 watering place.
‘Aborigines of Van Diemen’s Land preparing a meal’, [‘Sauvages du Cap de Diemen preparant leur repas’], Jean Piron, 1793.
‘Tasmanians preparing a meal from the sea’, [‘Peche des sauvages du Cap de Diemen’], Jean Piron, 1793.
Quiet Cove, 2006.
Imlay shore-based whaling station.
Fisher Point pilot station and pub, 2006.
Woodcut of Cyprus castaways attributed to W. B. Gould, 1829.
Machinery at Leprena mill site.
Leprena timber mill site.
Timber mill remains, Cockle Creek.
Base of coal storage bin, Evoralls Point.
Overturned tram engine near Evoralls Point.
James Craig (then the Clan Macleod), New York harbour 1890.
James Craig submerged, 1960s, Recherche Bay.
The logging track through Southport Lagoon Conservation Area, 2005.
Mulvaney addressing the April 2005 rally.


Table 1 Rossel’s magnetic intensity measurements